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  • I want to appear in May 2021 for FRM part 1, can any one update me about the syllabus, how to go ahead, and is 6 months enough to clear the exam. also I have 10+ years of experience in financial industry (wealth management), does it help, and also, will it considered under professional experience which is required to get the charter/certification of FRM? please advice.
    Will it consider for pro xp : yes.

    How to proceed : start with book 2 (quant section) then book 3 and then book 4 (once you finish book 4 go straight to book 1 to chapters related from capm & apt from book 1). Then finish with book 1. 6 months is good enough. Just do practice questions from bionic turtle and at the end practice exam from garp and you are all set.

    Good luck.
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