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    Fixed income mapping

    David, For Principal Mapping, Jorion used a simple average of maturity, not modified duration. Why does your answer calculate duration for Principal Mapping?
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    L1.T4.1 Binomial Valuation Models

    David, In question 1.5, how does "the model will incorporate the index's dividend yield of 2.0% per annum" affect the calculation? It seems that the info was irrelevant in the Excel answer sheet.
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    Refreshed Practice Question Documents

    Suzanne, thank you for your reply. So, will we have Global Topic Drills for L1.T4 soon? Currently I see only L1.T3.
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    Refreshed Practice Question Documents

    David, I noticed that several chapters of practice questions in L1.T4 are missing. Are you going to put new files soon? Then, can I know when it will be? I'd like to see those practice questions as early as possible. Thank you.
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    Did you win? Check here for the week ending September 14th

    I'd like to get $15 Amazon although I'm not perfectly sure how this works : ) Thank you.