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    Last minute preparation and information

    Hi fellow candidates! It is the time of the year where we scramble to prepare ourselves for the exam! Here's a list of things for last minute and exam preparation I think we'll find it useful: Bring a pencil (2), GARP mentioned they will provide 2 pencils for you, but it doesn't hurt to be...
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    Basel optional readings

    It is said on analyst forum that it would not be tested. source: http://www.analystforum.com/forums/frm-forum/91341115 I cannot say for certain the authenticity of that information, i personally will still study it. At least get a rough idea what it is, and what it does.
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    GARP.FRM.PQ.P2 Surplus Value GARP 2015 Question 5 (garp15-p2-5)

    This might be a stupid question, but I just gotta clarify! 5. An analyst reports the following fund information to the advisor of a pension fund that currently invests in government and corporate bonds and carries a surplus of USD 10 million: Pension Assets...
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    Admission ticket

    Anyone else noticed that GARP spelled "admission" on the admission ticket as "Adminission Ticket"?
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    New FRM exam policies

    I suppose that's the only logical explanation!
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    New FRM exam policies

    Just received e-mail from GARP on the revamped exam policies. Woohooo! Not sure if this is anything to be happy about, but at least we don't have to bring pencils and erasers! But for some reason, we're not allowed to wear watches for the exam anymore. This is probably a downside if the exam...
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    FRM part 2

    Awesome! tHanks for the reply @ShaktiRathore
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    FRM part 2

    is it just me or does part 2 seems to focus a lot more on qualitative stuffs (I.e. There's a lot of stuffs to memorize: Basel, operational risk etc) Could anyone that took both the part 1 and 2 FRM exams advise us candidates the ratio of qualitative/quantitative comparison between part 1 and...
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    Difference between Marginal and incremental VAR

    Hi I'm somewhat confused between Marginal and Incremental VAR. Am i right to say that the only difference between the two is that Incremental VAR is calculated precisely from a total revaluation of the portfolio and that Marginal VAR is just an estimation of the change in VAR? Regards
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Updated Materials for 2015

    Hi @Nicole Manley , Is it possible that you add a fine print to the updated study note so as we can track what are the actual updates? (e.g. which new AIMS did the update cater for) I find it kinda time consuming going through the entire updated note against the previous version trying to...
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    Preparing for FRM II May 2015! On first glance, it feels more qualitative as compared to FRM I...

    Preparing for FRM II May 2015! On first glance, it feels more qualitative as compared to FRM I. Anyone else feel the same?
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 1 (November 2014) Exam Feedback

    I passed!! 2/2/2/2 Thank you so much BT team. will do part II using BT notes again!
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    Nov 15, 2014 FRM I exam reflections

    @justinturner yep. You're not alone, I personally feel that there is significantly more qualitative questions as compared to quantitative ones. One could probably score at least 60 by just getting all the qualititative questions right.
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    Global Topic Drill

    @Nicole Manley Hello! Alrighty. Thanks! Regards
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    Global Topic Drill

    Hi, Is there a global topic drill for this topic? Regards