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    FAQ Before Exam Study Plan Guide

    After browsing some of the more recent posts, I've just seen a link here - https://www.garp.org/#!/frm/study-materials - that had eluded me before. Do I need to buy the GARP materials first, then use a prep provider like BT or can I learn enough using just BT?
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    FAQ Before Exam Study Plan Guide

    I've been flip-flopping over whether or not to study for my FRM using BT, over using a more "traditional" provider like Kaplan (for example) and I think my biggest reason for not yet pulling the trigger is uncertainty about the exact approach I'll need to take to study then sit exams. Can...
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    Study approach

    Hi The bionic turtle offering seems to be the best one I've seen but one thing I'm not quite clear on is how the study material works - in other words, do I need to get "official" material from GARP and then use BT to supplment my learning, or would I a BT subscription give me everything needed...