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    Miller Chapt. 4 - End of chapter question 7

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM , Below I will now show you the calculations that I have made, modifying what you was told me in the previous question. As you can see, I can't achieve the same result as you. Could you help me? Many thanks
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    Miller Chapt. 4 - End of chapter question 7

    Hello again, David, I think there's a mistake in the term pointing out. In section a we have said that the average was 0.5*(x2+x1) and in the resolution of the exercise we have put 0.5*(x2-x1). Am I mistaken? Many thanks
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    Miller Chapt. 4 - End of chapter question 7

    Hi David, I'm doing this exercise but I don't understand the output because there are intermediate data that I don't know where they come from. Can you help me please? the data I'm indicating in yellow is a data that is given in the exercise or have you obtained it by clearing it?. I don't...
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    Miller - Chapter 4 - Distributions - Study Notes, Pg 75, question #2

    Hi, David, I don't understand why you say on the right side of the equation 1.1^2. where does this term come from? Consider n up jumps and 12-n down jumps to get 121 in the end. Therefore, 100*(1.1)^n*(1/1.1)^12-n=121=> 1.1^(2n-12)=1.1^2=> 2n-12=2=>2n=14=> n=7 Thanks
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    Frm level 1 November 2018

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