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    FRM certification

    Just wanted to add: I had submitted my work experience on Jan 2, 2015 and had received the "you are a Certified FRM" email on Jan 20, 2014. Last week, I received the actual certificate (sent via USPS). It looks neat!
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    Career Advice

    I don't know if this reply is too late, but let me re-iterate what @brianhfield has told earlier and add my two cents: I would not recommend quitting your job just to study for the FRM exam part 1. It is just part 1 of the exam. Besides a possible financial problem with not having a job, it...
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    FRM certification

    One more data point! I submitted my work experience on Jan 2, 2015 at around 2 PM and received the "you are a Certified FRM" email on Jan 20, 2014. Finally! Good luck to those who are still awaiting responses from GARP.
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    FAQ Before Exam FRM exam and study summary

    @Rf67 : Certified FRMs do not need to pay any membership fees to GARP, unlike how CFA charterholders need to pay the CFA Institute annual membership fees to use the designation, at least as of now. The FRM designation is still not that popular. My guess is that GARP would rather have certified...
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    Job search with little experience

    First of all, congratulations for passing both the parts of the FRM exam! It is not an easy feat. Regarding your job search, I can understand how frustrating it might be for someone to "break into" finance. I am not from Canada (I'm in New York) and don't know how exactly things work outside...
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    FAQ Before Exam FRM Part 2 Study Strategies

    @kevinyuen Thank you for the kind words. I just wanted to share my tips, in case others find them useful. Yes, when I said, "FRM Part 2 is a lot different from FRM Part 1," I was referring to the qualitative aspect. For Part 1, I focused little on the original readings. As long as I understood...
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    FAQ Before Exam FRM Part 2 Study Strategies

    @sessil I am sorry you did not pass FRM Part 2 in the Nov 2014 exam. Yes, I strongly felt that a lot of the questions had answer choices directly from the readings. I did not heavily rely on notes, so maybe notes covered all of them, but we can be assured that the original readings definitely...
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    FAQ Before Exam FRM Part 2 Study Strategies

    Many people on this forum have asked those who passed the FRM exams to share their tips and strategies. I had many strategies, as can be seen from this long post, but I did not feel comfortable giving advice when I myself had not passed the exam (was awaiting results). I passed FRM Part 2...
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (November 2014) Exam Feedback

    Passed as well! Thanks BT.
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (November 2014) Exam Feedback

    According to GARP's Twitter Feed+Replies, it seems like the results will be announced on Jan 2. Please see: https://twitter.com/GARP_Risk/status/545270585493061632 Now, it could very well happen that the "social media" person does not exactly know the date for announcement of the results; but...
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    Passed Level 1, but failed Level 2, unfortunately :( Oh well! For some reason, I cannot see the quartile results. When I click on the link, I get re-directed to a page which says: "Sorry, An Error Has Occurred". This happens for quartile results of both my tests. Is anyone else facing this...
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    Enter our weekly Trivia Contest and Win!!!!

    My answers are: 1 – B 2 – C 3 – D 4 – C 5 – B Thank you.
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    2014 FRM Publishing Calendar

    I just wanted to "thank" you guys for publishing the new set of 2014 materials in a better font/format such that I am able to open it with the "Preview" application on a Mac. No more need of using Acrobat Reader (which used to make scrolling so slow). The difference is huge, especially on pages...
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    2014 FRM Calendar

    I wanted to confirm that it is possible to register for Part 1 only initially for a certain date and before the registration deadline, register for Part 2 on the same date so as to take both parts on the same date. The GARP website doesn't say anything on that explicitly. The response to my...
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    Help with GARP Sample exam questions - Quantitative Analysis

    Yes, agree with Alex_1 that Brownian motion and Monte Carlo were part of the reading on 'Monte Carlo Simulation' from Jorion which has now been removed for 2014.