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    Errors Found in Study Materials P1.T1. Foundations (OLD thread)

    foundation of risk management review video, i believe the attached slide is wrong, please advise. regards Gaurav N
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    Conditional probability question

    Thanks David, well understood. I tried it to put it in multiplication formula format, assume it to be correct as well Q1: 32.0% b/c conditional Prob(star player NOT scoring | team A wins) = 1 - 36.0% = 64%, such that joint(NOT scoring, win) = Prob(win)*Prob(not score|win) = 50%*64% = 32.0%...
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    Conditional probability question

    Football Team A chances are winning is 50%, probability than star player scores a goal when Team A wins the match is 36%. Star Player scores a goal in 20% of all the matches. Q1 What is the Joint probability of Team A winning and star player not scoring Q2 What is the conditional probability...
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    FRM Part 1 Nov 2017

    Created Link for whatsappp : https://chat.whatsapp.com/BVRGE24315i8TL1UDaAlgt Its for Nov 2017 Part 1 Exam rgds