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    P1.T2.310. Probability Distributions II, Miller Chapter 4

    Hi David, surely it is a stupid question. How do you calculate 1,64 standard deviation into this excercise (end of chapter 6 MIller question 3)? **** Assume the annual returns of Fund A are normally distributed with a mean and standard deviation of 30%. The annual returns of Fund B are also...
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    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    Hi david, why Foundation of RM in Bionic Turtle program is not aligned with GARP books? For example, within the study planner, I found many time chapter 4 (just ERM in GARP books). In BT I found also "portfolio management" chapter, not included in GARP books. Could you clarify this point?
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    Frm level 1 November 2018

    please add me 00447548263707