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    Borio, Covered Interest Rate Parity Lost: Understanding the Cross-Currency Basis

    Dear David, I would like to ask about the equation of cross currency swap. > Forward - Spot = Spot ( 1 + interest rate of home currency / 1 + interest rate of foreign currency) - spot. According to the mechanism of this instrument and the BIS link...
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    Frm level 1 November 2018

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    operational risk management certificates

    in my country - Egypt - it was ok. earning a certificate in such new field is always appreciated. Moreover, i took ORM exam to enhance my knowledge in operational risk field regardless market appreciation. regarding calculation, one of topics in ORM exam is risk modeling. when i took the exam...
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    operational risk management certificates

    if u have any inquiry, u r more than welcome to ask :) good luck
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    operational risk management certificates

    for first question, i do believe studying 1.5 to 2 hours / day is sufficient. the point u should take into consideration ORM certificate has neither exam provider nor exercises/practical questions in order to be familiar with the exam. so understanding concepts of ORM material is essential and...
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    Calculating revised VaR Hybrid approach

    Dear David, would you please explain the logic/concept behind VaR calculation, that is mentioned in Desh's snap shot above. 3.5%-(3.5%-3.4%)[(0.05-.0466)/(.0519-.0466)]
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    Correlation vs Covariance

    Hi, I would like to clarify the difference between co-variance formulas, which are mention in page 27 as follows: population co-variance: and this co-variance formula which is extracted from correlation formula I mean in first equation, we have divided by N and there is summation sign...
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    P1 T1 Quantitative analysis (Miller ch2)

    Dear David, while studying Miller ch2, I just wanna ask several questions: based on definition of Joint Probability “The joint probability distribution of two discrete random variables, say X and Y, is the probability that the random variables simultaneously take on certain values, say x and...
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    operational risk management certificates

    https://www.ior-institute.org/certification you may check this website. i hope it helps.
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    FRM level 1 Nov. 2017 study group in Egypt

    well i aimed to create a study group in Egypt, but since there is no participants.... so welcome to the virtual group :D we may create a study group on what's app if u would like.....
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    operational risk management certificates

    well it is NOT as same as CFA or FRM, it is not a designation, yet it is a professional certificate that you may add in yr CV.
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    operational risk management certificates

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    operational risk management certificates

    @hellohi There is an operational risk manager certificate, which is offered by PRMIA. it focuses on operational risk field intensively. highly recommended. Thankfully, i earned this certificate in September 2016. if u r going to plan to earn it, please do not hesitate to contact me.