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    Hull, Chapter 7 Swaps-Calculate the value of a plain vanilla interest rate swap

    Hi All, Referring to Page 104 example (See attached for details. In the solution I am not able to understand, in the receiving cash flow why will we receive $2 (Which is semi annual interest) after 3 month and similarly the outgoing cashflow is after 3 months (Why?)...
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    Zone of convergence

    Thanks Shakti. Is this also called 'Mark to Market'? idcnik01
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    Zone of convergence

    Thanks for your response Shakti. Probably I am lacking understanding here. Once a forward price is decided in a contract, does it change on a regular basis? and if yes, then how and what are the factors drive it. Thanks in advance. Idcnik01
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    Zone of convergence

    Hi, Can someone help explain this term. "As the Futures contract approaches maturity, the spot price should converge with the Futures price" Sorry I do not find much explanation in the the Notes. I am not clear how the Spot price of a commodity will converge as per Future Price. Thanks in...
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    FRM Study group May 2017 - Please all share you whats app number

    Is this group going to be for ' FRM I May17? Please add me in the group. +18565811832 idcnik01