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    Potential error in P2.T5. MR-9: 3.2.3. Kendall's tau and concordant/discordant pairs

    It’s incredible that even Schweser blindly repeats such errors, including the Practice Exam. When we compare pairs (xt,yt) and (xt*,yt*) concordancy or discordancy is of course established by comparing each time xt with xt* and yt with yt*. The text explanation in Meissner is also wrong...
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    z-score calibration (adjustment)

    Thanks a lot for your answer!
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    z-score calibration (adjustment)

    I have the same problem. Adjustment for classification errors should be the inverse of what’s indicated in the readings. Hope there won’t be a question about that as you never know whether they require the “correct” answer or the “curriculum” answer.