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    FRM II May Exam Results

    Ditto. I passed. Couldn't have done it without Bionic Turtle. What a relief! My only question for David now is - how did you come up with the name of "Bionic Turtle" for a test prep provider company?
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    2012 Practice P2.M2_1-20_v3_1112 Mock Exam B Q. 39.8.1

    I think I just saw the difference. In the second term in the numerator, the risk free rate has one half the variance of assets subtracted from it to calc d2. In d1 that same term is added to the risk free rate. Nevertheless, some instruction on when to use which would be helpful. Thanks.
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    2012 Practice P2.M2_1-20_v3_1112 Mock Exam B Q. 39.8.1

    I know it is getting a little late to ask these questions. However, I am confused about the formula for d1 vs d2. In the spreadsheet solution provide for Option pricing model to solve for value of debt & equity, the formula for d1 was given as below (bolded). Face value of debt $10.000 PV of...
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    2010 Practice Level II_1-20_v3_0824 GARP Prac Exam Q 19

    David, in the answer given in Q19.2 of the GARP Practice Exam Questions, it makes reference to the Variance of EDF being the square root of p*(1-p) and provides a link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli_distribution. 19.2 Assume both credits (credit A & credit B) have the...
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    Basel 2: International Convergence......Reading

    Are we expected to have memorized the risk weight tables for Basel II?
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    Black-Scholes-Merton Model

    Are there spreadsheets associated with Instructional Video: Hull, Chapters 12, 14 & 18?