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    Anybody knows how long it takes for GARP to verify the work experience

    I also passed and loaded my cv with min. 2 years of experience but my profile was not updated. Strangely, I did receive an email addressed to 'FRM holders' for solicitation of any questions for future exams/questionbank. Any successful questions will be paid $150 each ... any one else have...
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    Hello, I passed the full length exam (with 300+ hours of effort) along with quite a few friends but it's weird not knowing anyone who had failed or admitted to failing. Thus, please kindly use this site to share your results because 100% passing rate may be erroneous vs the published 40%+...
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    FRM Level I Exam

    let's wait to hear from David and others ... I recall during my school days of the nerdy few who always score 95%+ regardless of difficulty ... should 80-85% be a fairer mean score for the top 5%, all the better ... from this forum, most believe that the full length exam was quite tough (esp...
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    FRM Level I Exam

    Congrats Vicky, you're sitting on a pretty 72.5% on L1. I'd like to be more modest with % correct and rate myself in the mid to high 60% on the Full Exam. Since the top 5% will likely achieve at best 90% given difficulty of exam, any scores above 67.5% will likely make the grade eg, 75% of...