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    2019/2020 Curriculum Change Analysis Spreadsheets

    Hi David/Nicole, I see chapter 15 in GARP's book - Correlations and Copulas has been merged with Volatility now in the study planner. It seems Copulas is now removed, I have 2019 GARP study material so just wanted to confirm if Copulas has now been removed this year. Thanks
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2020

    Hi Nicole, I am unable to find the study notes for Fixed Income securities chapters(Price,Discount rates,arbitrage and others). Are they in the process of getting updated?
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    Yes Thanks David.
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    Hi Shakti, What does BP stands for? Also what i understood for homosked is that the error terms show constant variance. Are we saying there is a correlation between these error terms and the regressor under our consideration? And this being an assumption of least squares.
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    Hi David/Nicole, Is Bonferroni test important from the FRM exam point of view? Can't i skip it as i am really not getting the nag of it?
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    Weighted least squares estimator

    Thanks David. I feel my concepts are not very clear here which is why i am unable to connect the dots. According to my understanding errors are nothing but the difference between actual (Y) and predicted (Y^) independent variable. Homosked - is when errors have a constant variance so are we...
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    Weighted least squares estimator

    weighted least squares (WLS) estimator: If the errors are heteroskedastic, then OLS is no longer BLUE. If the heteroskedasticity is known (i.e., if the conditional variance of given is known up to a constant factor of proportionality) then an alternate estimator exists with a smaller variance...