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    Whatsapp FRM Part 2 Group-November 2018

    Hi All. Please add me +1 203 3067866 Regards
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    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM What would be the answer to below question? 1."Which greek has same effect on both put/call" - is this gamma? 2 "Which distribution to choose to capture movements beyond a threshold?" Thanks!
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    Delivery options

    Understood. Thanks!
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    Delivery options

    Cool - I think i got it now, mostly at least. Not sure about the part "Interest earned on the cash received outweighs holding the asset..." - i.e. what cash was received by the short?or are we saying the cash "to be received" upon delivery? [my insight here, if I am correct is that the timing...
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    Delivery options

    Hi David, I was just watching the video on futures and couldn't get the logic behind "If futures prices are increasing functions with time to maturity, short should deliver as soon as possible." specifically, what do you mean by "this is because the interest earned on the cash received...
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    Win prizes for forum participation!!

    I just emailed you. Thank you so much! :))
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    Valuatn & Risk Model: Hull 11,13, 17

    Hi David, Can you please explain why a forward contract on a stock has a delta of 1 whereas an option on a stock will have a delta of less than 1? Is it because options have a strike price while forwards don't?
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    Diebold, Chapter 5, 7 and 8

    Thanks @emilioalzamora
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    Diebold, Chapter 5, 7 and 8

    Hi there - How testable are the Diebold readings, I just watched the video on chapters 7&8 and David said the material has low testability, but what about chapters 5&6?
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    P1.T2.209 T-statistic and confidence interval

    Thanks for the response in real time David. (You are hitting them down as soon as I put them up - How great is that?! :) I still didn't lock in on the logic here though. The question is asking: "Can we decide the true mean return is greater than Zero with 95% confidence?" Thinking out loud...
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    P1.T2.209 T-statistic and confidence interval

    My problem is at the end of the process. After we computed the Test Statistic at 1.469 and realized we need to compare it to 1.65 -> at this point, how do you determine if the answer to the question requires the Test Statistic to be smaller or greater than the critical value. It seems I am...
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    Beta and Correlation

    Very clear. Thanks David. Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend!
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    Beta and Correlation

    Hi David, This kind of ties to another question I raised but I think it will be good to flush out the differences and similarities between these two metrics as I have been searching through the forum and haven't been able to find a thread that discusses this topic. I did find online a resource...
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    Miller, Chapter 2: Probabilities Question

    Hi David, Would you please explain how your calculation of 2 x 30% x (1-30%)=42% for the question in bold? Specifically why are you multiplying 3% times 2 and no simply 30% times 70%? You own two bonds. Both bonds have a 30% probability of defaulting. Their default probabilities are...