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    FRM certification

    Submitted my cv within hours of receiving the confirmation email that i had passed. Received the 'you are now a certified frm' email on 28 jul.
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    BT prep Material: primary or supplementary?

    Everyone learns differently. However - the most time efficient way to pass for me was to skip the GARP curriculum completely - and use BT's practice questions as the starting point. Whenever I came across a new concept (which was obviously most of the time - especially in the beginning) - I'd...
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    Probability of hitting a barrier

    I'd personally use a bootstrap simulation. Find a time period that you feel is similar to the one in the time frame of interest - then take random draws of share price returns from that period and run a simulation.of how the share price could move. If you hit the barrier - then add 1 to a...
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    Good Luck for those taking the FRM exam in 2 days time!

    Hi Rodrigovs The.delta is not exactly zero, but almost. Remember how an asian option works.. the payoff depends on what the AVERAGE share price was in the period. Say the option period was 100 days- and one day before the option expiry the average share price over the 99 days so far was...
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    Omitted Variable Bias

    I think that as long as there is no perfect co-linearity then you should include variable v. The ideas of a requirement for all regressors to be completely independent doesn't sound right to me. I might be wrong but I think the result of them not being independent is that you need a much...
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    How to use TI BA II+ to price a bond

    Hi fereg, Unfortunately, since we’re dealing with a number of different rates, there is no quick and elegant way of solving it on the BAII. I.e. no typing in cash flows, and then hitting CPT NPV. For what it’s worth, this is how I would solve this type of questions on my BAII on exam day...