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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2020

    Hi, I hope your are all fine. I would like to know where I can fin the old BT pratice exams ( I am not talking about the GARP's I know where to find them ) ? In addition, do you know roughly speaking when the last version of BT mock exam will be release ? On my account the page says that mock...
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    FAQ Before Exam Where can I find previous GARP practice exams?

    Hi, I would like to know if you have the latest pactice exam from GARP for last yaer (2019 ) and perhaps this year. The last uploaded file was for 2018. Thanks. F.
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    FAQ Before Exam Study Plan Guide

    Hi , I would like to run for the session of May 2020, but I find any rev study spreadsheet for 9 months. I have wife and kids that the reason why i need to start that early. Do you have any of this spreadsheet? Thanks