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    Malz Structured Product Model (Final Cash flows)

    Apologies you are right. Thanks for the prompt response
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    Malz Structured Product Model (Final Cash flows)

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM , I'm seeing an issue with Malz reading on structured finance. When speaking of final cash flows it seems that he is using the Senior Redemption + Mezzanine interest to test of the senior tranche should be paid in full? Is this correct? For me it should be the 86M...
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    when to switch to BGN mode?

    Hello - BGN just specifies that payments are made at the beginning of the period. To my knowledge you will not need this for the FRM (I'm not fully sure about part 2) Payments at the beginning of period occur in the case of leases or annuity due. If you reproduce the example in the spreadsheet...
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    Volatility Smile

    Here's the article in question if you have reached your view limit on FT
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2021

    Hello @Guannn - I do not know if this answers your question but current issues articles can be found here https://www.garp.org/#!/frm/readings/required
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    Information Ratio

    Hello @tornellFRM - GARP is (unnecessarily) ambiguous on IR. This is extensively discussed here. https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/information-ratio-definition.5554/post-33871 https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/which-one-is-the-formula-for-information-sortino-ratio.6960/
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    EP1.T4.Explain why VaR is not a coherent risk measure

    Hello - If I remember correctly we are speaking about the 95% VaR .In the case of a bernouilli you 2 outcomes. No default so no loss or default and LGD of $100. The 95% quantile in that case will fall at 0 (no default). So the VaR will be $0 If you combine both portfolios then you are looking...
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    Lessons from academia - Can someone explain that Remark? (FRM part 2)

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM, Hi All, - hope you are doing well. I'm having a hard time understanding these 2 statements from the Lessons from academia chapter of the FRM (apologies if this is a double but i did not find the answer on the forum) 1. The highlighted blue statement says that...
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    Exam Feedback January 2021 Part 1 Exam Feedback (postponed 2020 exam)

    I passed @David Harper CFA FRM,@Nicole Seaman - thank you so much for your support (I think I could write a whole essay on how much you have helped...don't worry I won't) I join the others in everything they say but I think that this time we should particularly thank @Nicole Seaman who...
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    Efficient Market Hypthesis meets Reddit

    What an interesting piece. I perhaps would add my own comment from what is written above. 1. Value has become a dirty word --->I always think of financial markets as "public utilities" in the sense that they provide price forming and liquidity something that is essential for modern finance to...
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    Efficient Market Hypthesis meets Reddit

    I just read this article about Gamestop rally on FT (https://www.ft.com/content/ae1ecff4-9019-4a2a-97ea-55a3cd15c36a). While this is only an opinion piece, I really hope that the FRM adds this somewhere to it's curriculum.
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    Exam Feedback January 2021 Part 1 Exam Feedback (postponed 2020 exam)

    There has been a precedent I think. I have read a letter sent by @David Harper CFA FRM to Garp concerning the major issues that the exam has been having over the years where I think he mentions an issue like that. I haven't reread the letter however. So perhaps I'm mistaken. I think the best...
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    Exam Feedback January 2021 Part 1 Exam Feedback (postponed 2020 exam)

    Hi @PaParas - I had to guess that one; None of the answers seemed to fit.
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    Exam Feedback January 2021 Part 1 Exam Feedback (postponed 2020 exam)

    Hello all – The questions were fairly in line with Garp’s practice exam and at least 1-2 levels easier than BT mock questions. Some of the qualitative questions gave me a bit of difficulty since a few questions required having gone through some very specific concepts in the GARP books. From...
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    IMPORTANT 2021 Exam Update from GARP (for 2020 postponed exam updates only)

    I'm so glad I looked at the forum this morning. The fact that these instructions were given the day before the exam and no mails sent out is so shameful and unprofessional. I don't even have words... (well not true ... a lot of swear words... ) . While I knew about the exception certificate, I...