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    Expected geometric return?

    Hi David, Nicole, I was looking for a spreadsheet which demonstrated estimating future n-period geometric return, given E(r) and sd. I'm fairly certain I've seen this. It calculated geometric mean for n-periods with the specification: ((1+g)^2)^(n/2) = (E(r)^2 - sd^2)^(n/2) I was curious if...
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    FAQ Before Exam Focus Review Videos

    Hi, can someone clarify what these are (a feature of the Professional level subscription) and where they can be found? Thanks.
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    FAQ Exam Syllabus turnover between May and November

    Crystal clear, thank you David! Also appreciate the assurance re: affordable extensions. Since I'm punting by 6 months, I may eventually sign up for both parts on the same day in Nov and roll my current Part 1 Pro subscription into Part 1 and 2 Pro subscription. Am I correct in understanding...
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    FAQ Exam Syllabus turnover between May and November

    Hi Nicole, David, I'd initially planned to take the FRM in May 2019. Turns out, we might be in the middle of a major move just prior to that, and May 2019 may not be very safe. So I decided to punt the exam to November 2019. My question is - will the exam syllabus (AIMS? Topics?) change...
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    Potential error in P2.T5. MR-9: 3.2.3. Kendall's tau and concordant/discordant pairs

    shouldn't this discussion fall under P2.T5? Unless of course the P1 syllabus has been updated and I've missed that update. Thanks.
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    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    Apologies if this question has been answered before. I'm a Part 1 "professional" customer. I wanted to ask if the literally hundreds of spreadsheets David uses (between YouTube and the site) are all available within the study planner section for paid members? Or are the various spreadsheets...
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    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    Hey folks, New to the site, so would appreciate some help. In many question sets, the following note appears at the bottom: "We have also provided individual links for each question to their respective forum discussion." I wasn't able to find any clickable links. Case in point...
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    A question about Structured Monte Carlo and Worst Case Scenario's testability

    Hi David, Can you shed some light on how GARP may test SMC and WCS analysis in the FRM/L1? I'm having a hard time imagining how these concepts could be tested in a multiple choice exam. Also, if you can direct me to practice questions or other forum threads re: this topic, that would be...