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    FAQ Before Exam Study Plan Guide

    Hi David I will be reappearing this May and have about 100 hours. My November score is 3433 (4 in QUANTITATIVE ). I am looking for a study plan that would help me pass. I have no background in finance and have little exposure that I got through the finance courses in my MBA. What I did for -...
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    FAQ Exam Unable to change exam location

    Yes I did and got the location changed when I called them the next morning. I had emailed them before the deadline so that helped.
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    FAQ Exam Unable to change exam location

    Thanks David. I am really concerned. The deadline is in a few hours and its a deferred exam so I cant defer it either.
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    FAQ Exam Unable to change exam location

    Hi Folks. I am trying to change the exam location to a different country and not able to do it on the website. Anyone facing an issue with that ? Please advise.Thanks
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    FRM Part 1 Nov 2017

    Hi. Can you pls add me to the group +1 587 435 7931
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    Errors Found in Study Materials P1.T1. Foundations (OLD thread)

    Hi David. Found this in the study notes, pg 14. The first bullet says " The AAA rated tranche in this ABS CDO will be exposed to default if losses greater than$10 million are experienced on the mortgage portfolio backing the original ABS". Since the ABS CDO Senior tranche holds $15 Mil of the...