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    Conditional Volatility

    Hello, this does seem like a subtle difference that many articles/reading materials gloss over or take for granted. I have been thinking about this issue lately and was wondering whether another way to see the distinction between unconditional volatility/conditional volatility would be to couch...
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    Spearman Rank Decay

    Hello everyone! This may be a bit irrelevant to the FRM examination, but i came across this Credit Suisse research pdf (http://www.scribd.com/doc/62210581/CSFB-Quant-Research) and was wondering about the implementation of spearman rank decay analysis presented on pp.27. If we take exhibit 34...
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    GARP materials sufficient?

    thanks for the responses
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    GARP materials sufficient?

    The thing is if you don't have an ipad/smartphone (like me) then it is quite hard to make good use of study time. Does BT have a separate package that includes only sample questions/answers independent of study materials? That would be good product differentiation!
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    GARP materials sufficient?

    Is the BT material completely online?...i would have to print it out myself i guess..which sucks
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    GARP materials sufficient?

    The GARP material does have a bad reputation....thanks Mani
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    GARP materials sufficient?

    Hello turtlings! I am thinking about signing up for the FRM part 1 exams in may and am trying to learn as much as possible about the study materials available from GARP and 3rd parties. From snooping around this forum, there seems to be several options in terms of study materials: 1.GARP...