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    FRM Part II 17 May 2014 Result

    This is a little bit off-topic, and perhaps deserving of a new thread, but has anyone completed GARP's post-exam survey in which you are asked your opinion about the possibility of GARP offering supplementary certifications as part of its CPE program in subtopic areas such as insurance...
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    FRM Part II 17 May 2014 Result

    According to GARP, the May 2014 pass rate was 42.5% for Part 1 and 58.1% for Part 2 (I'm curious what they are for BT members; if postings on this forum are any indication, I suspect they are signficantly higher than for the candidate pool at large, although there is probably a reporting bias in...
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    I just got my Part II results too: Passed! 2,1,1,2,1. Thank you BT team. Once again your study materials proved invaluable. I hope everyone else here got positive results.
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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2014) Exam Feedback

    For the LCR question, if I remember right, didn't the 140% choice imply only a change in the numerator? But didn't the denominator (expected cash outflows) change too to reflect the new deposit? In which case, the answer would be something other than 140% (I think 117% might have been one of...
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    Good Luck for those taking the FRM exam in 2 days time!

    I sat for Part 2 today. Relative to the GARP practice tests, it seemed harder, though generally the hard-hit subjects were the usual suspects (i.e. Var, Var, and more Var). Only one or two questions seemed directly lifted from past practice tests. A couple of misc. surprises I remember...
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    FRM Handbook Example 23.9: FRM Exam 2008 Q 3-31

    Hi - I'm sure this is still on your list for correction, but just in case - this error is still in the focus review.
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    2014 Part II Published Materials

    Understood, thanks. We all appreciate your hard work and the immense value-added of BT's active, open forums. As for "scope", I had assumed it to be what's in the assigned readings only, but I agree with you that the AIMs are not thoroughly addressed by what is assigned in this particular case.
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    2014 Part II Published Materials

    Thank you David for the continued updates. I am a little puzzled by your summary of the JPM Whale piece, however. The executive summary, the only assigned portion of the reading, was merely 17 pages long. Your summary, however, is 43 pages long. Is your summary delving into the details of...
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    Basel Readings - How to cope with them?

    I too am quite curious about this. Can anyone offer insight on the best way to tackle this portion of the curriculum? On the surface, looking solely at the volume of the Basel readings, they appear quite daunting . . .
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    Thank you David and the BT Team (Let us all congratulate them here)

    Yes, thank you to BT for your help getting through P1! I'm looking forward to working through the P2 material with you.
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    Nov 2013 FRM Level 1 feedback

    One other comment. Many thanks to David Harper and his excellent videos and other materials. I only wish I had discovered them sooner. . .
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    Nov 2013 FRM Level 1 feedback

    Level 1, Nov. 2013. Phew! Quite an endurance test. Kudos to anyone brave enough to do part 1 and part 2 in one day. Relative to the practice exams and past exam questions previously released, it was generally very reasonable. Very hard to complete within the alloted time, however. A few...