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FRM reading Country Risk: Determinants, Measures and Implications by Aswath Damodaran 2015 Edition

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Learning outcomes:
  • Identify sources of country risk
  • Explain how a country’s position in the economic growth life cycle, political risk, legal risk, and economic structure affect its risk exposure.
  • Evaluate composite measures of risk that incorporate all types of country risk and explain limitations of the risk services.
  • Compare instances of sovereign default in both foreign currency debt and local currency debt, and explain
  • common causes of sovereign defaults
  • Describe the consequences of sovereign default
  • Describe factors that influence the level of sovereign default risk; explain and assess how rating agencies measure sovereign default risks
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David Harper CFA FRM
David Harper CFA FRM
Thank you Dr. Jayanthi! I just added Related Resources (i.e., referenced in the reading)