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FRM reading Financial Risk Management, Chapter 4 (Financial Disasters) by Steven Allen 2nd

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Chapter 4, Financial Disasters
4.1 Disasters Due to Misleading Reporting
4.1.1 Chase Manhattan Bank/Drysdale Securities
4.1.2 Kidder Peabody
4.1.3 Barings Bank
4.1.4 Allied Irish Bank (AIB)
4.1.5 Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
4.1.6 Société Générale
4.1.7 Other Cases
4.2 Disasters Due to Large Market Moves
4.2.1 Long‐Term Capital Management (LTCM)
4.2.2 Metallgesellschaft (MG)
4.3 Disasters Due to the Conduct of Customer Business
4.3.1 Bankers Trust (BT)
4.3.2 JPMorgan, Citigroup, and Enron
4.3.3 Other Cases
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