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FRM prior Managing Credit Risk 2019-02-26

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CHAPTER 1: Credit Risk: The Great Challenge For The Global Economy
CHAPTER 2: Credit Culture
CHAPTER 3: Classic Industry Players: Banks, Savings Institutions, Insurance: Companies, Finance Companies, and Special Purpose Entities
CHAPTER 4: The Portfolio Managers: Investment Managers, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, and Hedge Funds
CHAPTER 5: Structural Hubs: Clearinghouses, Derivative Product Companies, and Exchanges
CHAPTER 6: The Rating Agencies
CHAPTER 7: Classic Credit Analysis
CHAPTER 8: Asset-Based Lending and Lease Finance
CHAPTER 9: Introduction to Credit Risk Models
CHAPTER 10: Credit Risk Models Based upon Accounting Data and Market Values
CHAPTER 11: Corporate Credit Risk Models Based on Stock Price
CHAPTER 12: Consumer Finance Models
CHAPTER 13: Credit Models for Small Business, Real Estate, and Financial Institutions
CHAPTER 14: Testing and Implementation of Credit Risk Models
CHAPTER 15: About Corporate Default Rates
CHAPTER 16: Default Recovery Rates and LGD in Credit Risk Modeling and Practice
CHAPTER 17: Credit Risk Migration
CHAPTER 18: Introduction to Portfolio Approaches
CHAPTER 19: Economic Capital and Capital Allocation
CHAPTER 20: Application of Portfolio Approaches
CHAPTER 21: Credit Derivatives
CHAPTER 22: Counterparty Risk
CHAPTER 23: Country Risk Models
CHAPTER 24: Structured Finance
CHAPTER 25: New Markets, New Players, New Ways to Play
CHAPTER 26: Market Chaos and a Reversion to the Mean: The Rediscovery of Culture as a Critical Risk Management Tool
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