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  1. brunnim

    FAQ Before Exam FRM exam and study summary

    Overview and Caveats While the FRM exams are still fresh in my mind I wanted to put some words together which summarizes my experience and hopefully provides some color to future candidates. Each candidate will study and experience the program in a different way, so this is by no means an...
  2. brunnim

    Credit Risk in 2014

    Hi, I notice that the 2014 credit risk aims's have changed somewhat, considerably in the Gregory chapters. Can you confirm if new study notes will be released in line with these and when? Thanks
  3. brunnim

    Exam Relevance

    Hi David, I notice at the start of each tutorial video you post the topic relevance. Does a consolidated list of all P1 topics and associated relevance exist? I had a look around the site and could not find anything. Something along these lines would be very useful so I can plan my studying...