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    YouTube T3-05: Basis risk is about an unexpected weakening or strengthening

    Hello David in video you explained Unexpected weakening (strengthening) of basis risk in the scenario of contango. could you help me to understand what will happen in the scenario of backwardation?
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    Errors Found in Study Materials P1.T3. Financial Markets & Products

    Hello David There is a typo in video of exotic options European call option= long-asset-or-nothing call + short cash-or-nothing call European put option= long-cash-or-nothing put+ short asset-or-nothing put
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    Duration of a Floating Rate Note

    Hello David could you fix links of this post?
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    Girsanov's Theorem

    hello ShaktiRathore why? I want to know theorem's concept
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    Girsanov's Theorem

    Hello David Could you explain for me the concept of Girsanov's Theorem? thank you in advance Danesh
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    Structural Monte Carlo

    hello David the link doesn't work
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    YouTube T3-24: Quote versus cash price of US Treasury bill

    Hello Correct formula: y% = Q% / (1 - Q% * n/360) Wrong formula(in video): y% = Q% / (1 + Q% * n/360)
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    YouTube T3-13: Par yields are swap rates

    hello ami44 thank you very much for your clean explanation:)
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    YouTube T3-13: Par yields are swap rates

    Why are the par yields slightly less than spot rates(for upward sloping curve)? It seems to be identical!!! What is the cause of their difference?
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    FRM Part - 1 : Study Group November 2019

    please add me +989128091607