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    FAQ Before Exam FRM Part 2 Study Strategies

    Many people on this forum have asked those who passed the FRM exams to share their tips and strategies. I had many strategies, as can be seen from this long post, but I did not feel comfortable giving advice when I myself had not passed the exam (was awaiting results). I passed FRM Part 2...
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    Progress Check (FRM Part 1, May 2014)

    Hi all, I just wanted to see how much other exam candidates have studied so far - just as a reference point for my studying. I am studying for FRM Part 1 exam in May 2014. So far, I have covered (read material/notes, written my own study notes, but not practiced many problems/questions) the...
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    Is anyone preparing for both parts for May 2014?

    Since we are allowed to register to take for both parts/exams on the same day, I was wondering how many people here are actually preparing for both parts for May 2014. Anyone? What is the strategy you will be using? If you are using BT, their publishing calendar is now available. Are you...