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    Curve shape based on Vasicek model

    Is it possible to recognize the curve shape based on Vasicek model inputs?
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    Credit VaR (binomial model)

    Hi! On last FRM exam, there was a question like: Portfolio of 68 bond equally weighted, each 2 million worth. 6 defaults were expected and defaults were independent. What is 95% Credit VaR? The answer I have found was: 6*2 - 2*68*0.04 = 6.56mil I suppose the binomial model is used here but...
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    Short Hedge &Long Hedge

    Hi i am little confused with short&long hedge difference. In the notes, it says short hedge is agreement to sell in the future. In later notes, it says key difference is whether future price is determined. What's the connection between these two statements? e.g. for the coffee bean farmer...
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    materials related commodity future&options

    Hi David Could you recommend some textbooks related to how to deal commodity such as the crude oil, silver, corn....... what's the nature of the commodity, process, delivery,settlement..... I'm curious in that stuff and think it might be a good stuff to read about. thanks.
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    Topic 5 Review video

    Hi David i noticed that the Topic 5 review video mentioned some topics that are not covered in the chapter notes, such as OAC, CPR.... Does that mean the content is removed from the test because the video is outdated (2012)? The learning objectives in the notes does not cover such topics in the...
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    FAQ Before Exam Questions about Part I practice exam

    Hi, guys! I have completed all practice question attached to each chapter under Part I. any advice on how to prepare for the Part I? where can i get more practice exams? thanks