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    Just how many people take this exam? Does GARP report that?

    General curiosity.
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    Standardized Measurement Approach Question

    Should the loss component be based on gross or net loss? I like this idea for the approach by the way. We use standardized at my firm, might pitch this approach to them. (We're a non-bank but follow Basel for Ops Risk Capital).
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    Calculated Stress Losses for Loan/Derivatives Portfolios

    Hi there, Not sure why I can't wrap my head around this, but when we calculate EL for a derivatives portfolio (compared to a loan portfolio) we're replacing EAD with EPE x alpha. The justification for this is that EAD becomes stochastic and is dependent on a level of market variables. Can I...
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    Correlations btwn Credit Risk and Operational Risk

    Is there any empirical evidence out there that may suggest a positive correlation between credit risk and operational risk? Such as higher ops risk if home prices fall?
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    Operational Risk Analytics

    Anyone work in this field or know anyone that does? Whats it like and what kind of background is good for this? I know it is still relatively new in some industries. I have a bit different background than most. I'm working to get my CPA along with the FRM. I currently work in analytics for an...