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    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM What would be the answer to below question? 1."Which greek has same effect on both put/call" - is this gamma? 2 "Which distribution to choose to capture movements beyond a threshold?" Thanks!
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    Beta and Correlation

    Hi David, This kind of ties to another question I raised but I think it will be good to flush out the differences and similarities between these two metrics as I have been searching through the forum and haven't been able to find a thread that discusses this topic. I did find online a resource...
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    Miller, Chapter 2: Probabilities Question

    Hi David, Would you please explain how your calculation of 2 x 30% x (1-30%)=42% for the question in bold? Specifically why are you multiplying 3% times 2 and no simply 30% times 70%? You own two bonds. Both bonds have a 30% probability of defaulting. Their default probabilities are...
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    About 1.5 months from Exam Day...

    Hi, With just over 1.5 months from exam day (Part I) where should we stand in terms of our preparation? For myself I haven't taken a practice exam yet because I don't feel that I got all the material covered enough yet. I started studying for the exam with Schweser notes (read through all 4...
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    FAQ Before Exam Downloading videos to Iphone

    Hi, Is it possible to download videos to iphone ? Trying to avoid mobile data overage charges.