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    P1. T1 RAPM other approaches

    I think GARP study notes covers recently developed Risk-Adjusted Risk Measures which include: Morningstar rating system, Actuarial Approach, Modigliani, and Muralidhar. I am not sure whether this is covered in BT notes elsewhere or there is any future plan to cover? Can someone provide inputs...
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    FAQ Before Exam YouTube Videos

    I have visited BT youtube video channel and must admit that it provides a lot of information for beginners like me. When I joined as a new member, I thought all those videos will be part of the "Study Planner", it may very well be so (i.e. same content as in the videos posted within reading...
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    P1. T1 ERM and Organization Structure

    How is the organization structure of an institution which has implemented ERM is different to other organization who have not implemented ERM? I would assume there will be a separate CRO function. Is it possible to get a feel of organization structure chart and reporting hierarchy structures...
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    FAQ Before Exam General Question: "New" caption on the course content/subject line

    I am a new member and using BT website extensively. One feature which is not clear to me is the "New" caption on the course content/subject line. I am not able to know when is the last update made, how would I know --say for example I covered topic 1 marked as "New" today which may (or may not)...
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    P1.T1 Excel Elton_Ch13 Tab - Elton Chapter 13

    Can you please help me understand how the row on Covariance* is calculated in tab "T1.9-SML". I can't follow the formula how it is computed. Can you please point to the right place. * For ease of reference attaching screen shot
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    P1.T1 Limits and Limits Standard Policies

    Crouhy, Chapter 4 Corporate Governance and Risk Management. Topic: Limits and Limits standard Policies While going through the notes on page 34: Type A (tier 1) limits might include a single overall limit for each asset class and a single overall stress test limit and a cumulative loss from...
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    P1.T1. Help me understand how hedging is disadvantageous by reducing true economic value which ....

    In Chapter 2 Corporate Risk Management notes, it is mentioned on page 23 of study material. Disadvantages of hedging risk "Hedging that reduces volatility in the true economic value of the firm could increase the firm’s earnings variability as transmitted to the equity markets through the firm’s...