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  1. chatty06

    What's wrong with my PV calc?

    Hi All, I'm completing question 2.4 in the GARP book quantitative analysis. The question is just asking to get the present value of a bond that is expected to be $85 after 1 year at a continuous interest rate of 5%. In the answer it says it should be $80.85 but when I run my PV calcs I...
  2. chatty06

    Questions regarding - Foundations of Risk Global Topic Review Question Set

    Hi All, I took the Foundations of Risk Global Topic Review Question Set today after reading the Schweser book 1 Foundations of Risk Management and completing all sections within the part 1 study planner in Bionic Turtle. Is it me or were a number of these questions not taught in the 2017...
  3. chatty06

    Jensen's Alpha Formula - Please Confirm

    Hi All, Can someone confirm the correct Jensen's Alpha formula? I've seen two versions used throughout the material and I don't understand why. Maybe I'm just overlooking something. One version adds the Risk Free Rate to the Price of Risk while the other one subtracts it. Examples below...
  4. chatty06

    Question on study materials - Readings

    Hi All, I've purchase the FRM part 1 books for 2017 as well as the schweser books, and the Bionic Turtle professional subscription. I went through the Schweser book on Foundations of Risk Management and took all their tests. It was pretty simple and I scored high 90's. I then came to Bionic...
  5. chatty06

    Schweser test 97%, Boinic Turtle 10%. Foundations of Risk Management

    Hi All, I purchased the GARP materials as well as the Schweser materials. I've just finished studying book 1 and completed the Schweser exam prep for foundations of risk management and my average score from the Q-Bank is 98%. I purchased Bionic Turtle as well for additional questions and...