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    hedging counterparty risk with credit derivatives

    Thank you @Nicole Seaman I will have a look.
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    hedging counterparty risk with credit derivatives

    Hi all, I have some doubt regarding this part in Gregory, chapter 4: "Hedging: Hedging counterparty risk with instruments such as credit default swaps (CDSs) aims to protect against potential default events and adverse credit spread movements. o Hedging creates operational risk and additional...
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    Gregory: Recovery impact on CVA

    Hello guys, I have a doubt about Recovery impact on CVA as explained in Gregory page 142 : "increasing LGD reduces the risk-neutral default probability but increases the loss in the event of default". If mathematically I can understand it, I have some problem to understand the economic logic...
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    Whatsapp 2016 FRM Part 2 Group (Inactive)

    Hi guys! my number is +39 3461353563 . Thank you :)
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    Exam Feedback May 2018 Part 1 Exam Feedback

    1,2,1,1 Passed ! I found the exam different form the practice exams, in particular the exam covered a lot of topics while them were more focused on some specific parts. However the material was comprehensive and all the question were on topics treated on it. Thank you to all the BT team for the...
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    FAQ Exam Exam Day

    Sorry, maybe it's not a smart question. Does this mean that I cannot wear eye-glasses? Thanks.