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    GARP 2013 Practice Exam Question 11

    Hi David, Apologies for the last minute questions. I have 2 doubts with respect to the below question from GARP's 2013 sample questions. Doubt 1 - How do we infer from the below data if collateral increases or decreases current exposure ?? I understand that collateral in general reduces...
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    MBS: Impact of negative convexity at higher yields

    Hi David, Need your help with the below question please (from the BT 2010 mock). I've copied out 2 passages which have conflicting opinions about the impact of higher interest rates on MBS investors. Passage 1 seems to suggest that investors are benefitted by prepayment at higher interest...
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    IO/PO Strip Effective Duration query

    Hi David, Need your guidance with regards to the below question from the end of GARPs Market Risk book. Consider IO/PO strips based on original pass through MBS whose effective duration is 5 years. If the PO tranche has an effective duration of 20 years, what would most likely be the effective...
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    Securitization queries

    Hi David, I have a very basic question with regards to securitization,....need your help pls. I am trying to understand the monetary benefits of securitization from the context of the "Originator". I understand some of the angles in terms of banks being able to monetize assets (eg loans) //...
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    Liquidity & Leverage

    Hi David, Could you help me with the query posted in the below thread please. https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/p2-t7-303-liquidity-and-leverage-malz.6863/ Thank you, Roshan
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    Question Banks - 4 chapters

    Hi David, I do not see the question banks for - Portfolio Construction (Grinold) Risk Monitoring and Performance Measurement Performing Due Diligence on Specific Fund Managers Hedge Funds These chapters are not on the Global Topic Drill Question Bank as well. Could we expect to see question...
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    Risk Management and Investment Management - Excel s/sheet missing

    Hi BT Team, The excel workbook pertaining to Portfolio Risk: Analytical Methods is not on the study planner. Please provide us with this workbook. Thank you
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    Current Issues in Financial Markets

    Hi David, I've read the full JP Morgan and MF Global case studies along with the consolidated notes published by BT. Your notes were absolutely helpful in summarising, the otherwise massive readings - thank you. I see BT notes for 4 of the 7 case studies. Are there any timelines by when the...
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    Credit and Counterparty Risk - Malz

    Hi David, Need your help please in understanding a section at the start of "Credit and Counterparty Risk" by Malz,....that very briefly speaks about credit risky securities. Not able to understand the sections (in bold) in the below passage. To me, an issuer filing for bankruptcy is a logical...
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    Rating Transition Matrix Query

    Hi David, Just had a quick question with respect to the "6. Transition Matrix" tab on the workbook "T6.Malz.6_Credit_Risk". I think that the 2 period transition matrix values should be simply a square of the 1 period values. The 2 period transition matrix values on the s/sheet are not exact...
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    Question around Interest Rates

    Hi All, Have 2 queries surrounding the below question from the document qr12.p1.t3.hull_134_185_v5 (page 103). ______________________________________ Hull.04.03: The 6-month and 1-year zero rates are both 10% per annum. For a bond that has a life of 18 months and pays a coupon of 8% per annum...