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    Financial modeling

    Hi all, I am thinking about to register for financial modeling offered by wallstreetprep.com do you think investing $400 to $500 in financial modeling will worth it or should I pursue any other course? Is there any other (computer skill) demanding course in finance? Thank you:)!
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    Is there any Excel or other courses to boost career?

    Hello everyone, While completing my FRM part 1 I found out excel proficiency is very useful and needed in career for financial field. I know everything about basics but want to take deep dive into excel. Is anyone here who can suggest me any course related to excel or other financial courses...
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    FAQ Exam Can we correct or change our answers on the exam?

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM, I have some queries related to the exam. Can I change my answer on the exam? On the exam how do we suppose to do calculations that are need some plain/rough paper? Thank you for all the help:).
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    Binomial model

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM In question set R30.P1.T4.Hull question no.1.4(page 4) there is question like follows: And there is also explanation of this question on page page 7 as follows: But I think there is something missing there, when I calculated the prices as follows: 1st...
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    2012 practice question

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM, In 2012 practice exam P1.M1. (explanation on page no.17) there is question on GARCH(1,1) model question like follows: I think that the estimate of today's volatility should be 2.910326% not the 3.47851% as explained above correct me if I am wrong. Thank you:)
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    Sample Exam Question

    Hi @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM, the question from Garp sample exam question (behind the book) Assume that a random variable follows a normal distribution with mean of 80 and standard deviation of 24. What percentage of this distribution is not between 32 and 116? A. 4.56% B.8.96% C.13.36%...
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    Forward rate

    Hi David, There is a GARP's question on forward rate, Below is a table of term structure of swap rates: Maturity in years swap rate 1 2.50% 2 3.00% 3 3.50% 4...
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    Hedging portfolio with stock index future

    Hi David, p1.T3. Financial markets and products practice question page no.71 question no. 155.1, I have calculated the hedge which is 250 contracts but how to decide that we should short the contracts or long the contracts? I have understand that while changing the beta to target beta, short the...
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    Hi David, cant figure out the following question please help Question: Rob conniff has encountered a difficult section on multiple choice exam. There are five question in this section and each question has three equally likely answer choices. Which of the following amount is closest to the...
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    Basic Statistics

    Dear David, Saw your example on page 32 of basic statistics(R10.P1.T2.Miller). In the real exam are we supposed to solve the questions like that? are we supposed to calculate the covariance, staddev. or correlation from given information? If yes, can you post any questions from GARP practice...
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    Bayes Theorem

    Hi David, Struggling with the bayes theorem question. Not Getting the correct answer please help. Question: Suppose a manager for a fund of funds uses historical data to categorize managers as excellent or average. Based on historical performance, the probabilities of excellent and average...
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    GARP sample exam question

    Dear David/Nicole, On the GARP book of FOUNDATION(2015 edition) sample question I got confused in question no. 2 which is on tracking error. The question is as follows. Benchmark return Fund returns 9.00% 1.00% 7.00% 3.00% 7.00%...
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    Dear Nicole, R30.P1.T4.Hull_v5 page 40 chapter summary is blank page. Only title is there. It is useful if all the reading of var is reloaded. Because there are many errors. Thank you,