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    Exam Feedback November 2019 Part 1 Exam Feedback

    Initally the mean of the sample was 8. 5000 simulations done and the now average mean is between 6 and 10. How many more simulations required to find the mean..something of this sort. Answers were 5000, 25000, 30000
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    Calculate the bond price using forward rates/Par rate

    If par rates require discount rates to arrive at the bond price then why not calculate bond price directly from discount rates?
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    FRM Part - 1 : Study Group November 2019

    Hello please add me +91-99402 67796
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    FAQ After Exam Questions about work experience

    I have been in IT industry working in banking and Financial service vertical as Test Analyst for the first 5 years and Business Anlayst for the last 8 years. I have 6 years of experience in Credit card operations process and 7 years of experience in Investment Banking (Security Services -...