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    Options trading strategies

    Here are some of the combinations and packages possible from the call and put options.X represents the exercise price. Thanks
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    Non fiction Finance Books Review

    Ascent of money is the best book on history of finance i read so far. How bond markets developed centuries before as an aid to raise money for warfare. The legend of Rotschild who was a lord in bond markets. The development of stock markets dates back to raise of money for formation of...
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    Various Operational Risk Courses besides FRM

    There are number of operational courses available besidesFrm focussing on operational risk: 1) http://kesdee.com/coursedetails.jsp?productid=22&groupID=10 2) PRmis: http://www.prmia.org/orm-certificate/preparation 3) http://www.edupristine.com/courses/operational-risk/ 4)...
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    CFA Cfa exam candidate survey

    HI the institute published some important information regarding exam surveying candidates who sat for 2013 exam. Here is the survey report which can prove helpful for anyone aspirin to give the exam in the future. http://cfainstitute.org/Survey/candidate_survey_2013.pdf thanks
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    CFA CFA myBooksList

    Hi Anyone preparing for the cfa exam might find this link useful. While preparing for the exam one needs to know the authentic sources to study from. This is the list of the books that are useful for the preparation towards the exam.. 1. Fabozzi: For fixed income securities covered in the exam...
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    Important Concepts for the FRM exam

    Hi starting a new thread for discussing various important concepts related to the exam, C1. Betai= Cov(Ri,Rm)/stdDev(m)^2= correlation*stdDev(i)*stdDev(m)/stdDev(m)^2 =correlation*stdDev(i)/stdDev(m)...
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    Formula Summary for the upcoming FRM Exam

    Hi starting a new thread for the important formulas that can come in handy for your exams. Let me start with the following(these are relevant for part I) : 1. Holding Period Return=(V1-V0+D1)/V0 2. Standardized Return= (mean return-Target return)/standard deviation of returns 3. Expected...
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    Tips for Upcoming FRM Exam

    hi, here are some links that you would find helpful : http://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/best-of-luck-to-everyone-exam-tips.6521/ http://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/time-pressure-in-real-exam.6507/ http://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/exam-details.6475/...
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    FRM Vs CFA

    I saw many threads comparing the two exams. Its like comparing apples with oranges as to say which is better in taste. Some like oranges while some will say apple is tasty. Both will taste differently to different people. Lets compare on important aspects: On the level of questions appearing...
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    Thread on swaps: A swap is an agreement to exchange cash flows at certain specified future times according to certain specified rules. example An agreement by X to pay fixed rate of interest of 5% per annum for 6 months for a 6 month libor for 2 years on a notional principal of 100 million...
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    Hello all, I am starting a new thread for greeks. I shall discuss all the greeks in coming days. So lets start with the delta. Delta is the rate of change of option price with respect to the underlying asset. Delta hedging is maintaining delta neutral portfolio. delta=dC/dS so delta hedging...
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    Exotic options

    Hi all, here just starting a thread on exotic options. These are wonderful options in a sense that they are modifications of the original options and they can suit needs of variety of investors. I would describe about these options in this thread only for coming days. lets start about the types...
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    Books helpful for FRM

    I am posting the links for the books that can come handy in your preparation to FRM. You can also refer to them during your risk career after earning the frm designation: here is the list of books that can come handy i found on the net: please refer to the following links...