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    FRM Part One Study Group Ireland 2020

    Not looking promising for Dublin October exam I would guess. Apologies, know not much value speculating at present. Assume if we do go into the 4 week suggested lockdown that GARP with shift us onto the November schedule. Have sent an e-mail to ask and will update here once I receive a response.
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    ch3. measuring and monitoring volatility

    Hi @Nicole Seaman - looks like a measuring volatility video has also been uploaded to the Operational Risk section of Valuation and Risk Models. Kind regards, Rob
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    COVID-19 - Update from GARP Regarding May 2020 Exam

    So typical - have a rescheduled wedding abroad November 20th. Really hope they do reschedule but my gut feeling is they'll just move it to November :(
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    FAQ Before Exam Getting Started With Your Purchased Materials

    Hi @Nicole Seaman. Apologies for really basic question. Where can I find link to the interactive quizzes? I know it's early to be looking at them but would be interested in taking a look. Thanks!
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    FRM Part One Study Group Ireland 2020

    Great - are you Dublin based? I'm working in town (just off Dawson st). Could arrange a coffee to run through approach/materials if close by
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    FRM Part One Study Group Ireland 2020

    Hi all, Appreciate may not be many of us sitting the exam in Dublin however if anyone interested please comment below. Thanks! Rob