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  1. J

    Total number of mathematical questions in FRM-2 exam?

    How many do I expect around total? Whoever gave exam earlier, please chime in. Thanks
  2. J

    Questions selection for exam paper - FRM-2

    Hi David, Wondering if GARP selects the questions randomly by some program when they set the question paper by each subject as we know each subject has fixed %, or questions are selected manually ? How do they give weightage to topic per subject? Like Credit Risk and Operational Risks...
  3. J

    Pearson Vrs Kendall's T Correlation

    Question #5 of 69 A risk manager that wants to incorporate the effect of outliers into hr statistical correlation measures would most likely use: A) Kendall's T correlation B) Pearson correlation C) Ordinal correlation D) Spearman's rank correlation Can someone please tell why the answer "A"...
  4. J

    How can collateral create exposure??

    I see section about collateral given in the notes, page 82, section "Impact of collateral on exposure " notes Gregory as below. "in scenario 5, the posting of collateral creates exposure. In comparison with the benefits shown in the other scenarios, this is not a particularly significant...