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    BionicTurtle Review

    Hi David, I promised I'd follow up with a thorough review once the results of the exam were in. More on that in a second. I took Part I and Part II on a single day (a week before my 20th birthday), having prepared for a total of <300 hours. (Perhaps even less, probably like <100 hours for part...
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    Good luck to all!

    Hey all, Just wanted to wish you all good luck with the exam after-tomorrow. I'm taking part I and part II myself. Let's see how that works out - have to be there at 7:00 AM and I'll be done by 17:00 with a one hour break. And thanks to David for all the wonderful material. The questions are...
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    Powerpoint pointer

    Hi David, I couldn't find an "all other stuff" section at the forum, so I decided to post this here. Quick question: how do you get your powerpoint pointer to be yellow, round and relatively large. I tried experimenting with many settings, but couldn't find out how to do it. The pointer is...
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    A few general questions: preparation, quantitative skills and job market

    Hey everyone, I have a few short questions. I have always wanted to work in Finance and work with (credit) derivatives and other financial products. However, I am not a hard-core quant. While I am quite good at mathematics, it's not my specialty so to speak. I was wondering if there are...