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    Asset Mgmt Factor Investing P2.T8 Stochastic Discount Factor is multiplied?

    On page 9 of the notes for Ang's investment management - factoring investing, it says the stochastic discount factor is MULTIPLIED by the payoff to arrive at asset price, near the bottom of the page. Given that the STD, m, is = a + bf + bf...+bf and the CAPM discount is just = a + bf, why is the...
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    Downloading videos

    Hi not sure where else to post this but: for some videos on the Part2 advanced subscriptions, the download button is replaced with "plans and pricing'. Is this normal? E.g. FRM pt2 Topic 5 global topic drill focus review videos
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    Is scanning passport required for name change?

    My FRM name on record doesn't exactly match my passport so they asked for a scanned copy of my passport but is there an alternative? Should I send my drivers licence and switch to that as my official ID?