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    Exam Feedback FRM Part 2 (May 2014) Exam Feedback

    I felt quite angry after sitting for Part 2 yesterday. I averaged above 70% in the practice exams the first time I took them. After doing the practice exams (GARP 2010-2014 and all the questions in the handbook) I learned quite a lot by studying my wrong answers to feel confident with most of...
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    FRM Results Nov 2010

    The results are out! I passed. Thanks to David and Suzanne for their support. Best regards
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    FRM exam level1

    I attended Level 1 in Luxembourg. I don't remember how many people attended the exam, but I would say approximately 16. In my opinion it was a very hard exam (I would have preferred less calculations). By comparing the questions to those of previous years I believe they were MUCH harder. In...