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    Resignation to go into finance

    Well, I'll come back to this thread a bit later, but off the top of my head - assistant university lecturer for a basic finance course?
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    Resignation to go into finance

    Well, it seems it's a good time to be a financial lawyer, with 1500 pages of Frank-Dodd being introduced. Finance is never going to be the same after that. On a more serious note, are you more interested in doing finance for a bank/fund/brokerage or for a corporation? Scoring with honors is...
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    So LTCM is not wrong?

    The thing is, there are generally 2 possible scenarios: 1) they calculated their exposures and risks more or less correctly, and decided to go into the trade. They got unlucky since disasters simply happen every once in a while.If they had a 1% risk per year, it could have been the case that...
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    Sitting for both sections?

    Do prepare the ethics part though. I hear many people underestimate it ;)
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    Sitting for both sections?

    I'd say the passing rate is roughly 55%? A bit higher for part II. I didn't do any official garp practice exams, I only did bionicturtle questions and videos. BT Questions do prepare you well for the final exam, but it's not 'easy'. I'd say 90% of the questions simply take time to understand the...
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    Sitting for both sections?

    Dear Ashley, I took both parts of the FRM last november and passed. I started in August. However, very important is how much background knowledge in statistics/econometrics/finance you have. If you did some courses in college or have previous experience, I would say it's possible. If you pick...
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    Resignation in search of greater options

    Blue_John: what I know from talking with other people is that financial certifications separately are not very good to base a career on. The FRM, CFA and some other certifications are somewhere at a BSc. Economics/MSc. Finance level, somewhere in between. The certifications are good to pad a...
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    Preparation of FRM

    What's your background in mathematics/econometrics/statistics/finance? Any previous knowledge? Hard to say without knowing more.
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    A simple question here

    Perhaps since mathematics is more 'universal' and part I is more quantitative, there are more questions. By this I mean that many non-native English speakers take the exam, and they may need slightly more time to read the questions and answers than native speakers in part II.
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    Does HB lead for mechanical pencil classify as "soft lead"?

    Yes, I used HB Pencils on my exam (Netherlands).
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    Strategy for my last two weeks preparation for Part 1.

    Dear FRMStrawberry, Typically, the FRM practice exams are slightly 'too easy' from what I've heard compared to the actual exams. Thus, I would focus more on David's questions, which are a notch harder than the final exam. This way, the final exam will be easier compared to the questions you...
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    CDS Fair Value Accounting at Level 3

    Not an expert, but I would think that the first explanation you offer is correct. Since the liabilities side typically displays how an entity "financed" its assets, it seems to me that a short position is an obligation to a counterparty, and therefore could be considered a liability. If it had a...
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    Butterfly Spread

    I typically remember it as: 1-2-1, where the edges are long and the middle is short, or the around way around, depending on whether you want to long or short it.
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    BionicTurtle Review

    Dear Imad, For part I, I used both BionicTurtle and the official readings, and I had some prior knowledge due to taking additional courses at my university (CAPM for example). Part II was exclusively BionicTurtle. I don't even have the official readings, although I do have John Hull's "Options...
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    Bond hedging -- basic questions

    Could you maybe provide more specifics? Your question is fairly broad. EDIT: never mind, I just checked the date this was posted. Fairly old thread.
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    Study Material

    @Glen, Most if it is online, but you can print the study notes/slides. That's what I did.
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    FRM 2011 results

    Thanks, and you too with part I :) Good luck with preparing for Part II. I still have forum access 'til September , so I'll be hanging around ;)
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    BionicTurtle Review

    Fair enough. It does make sense that everyone is in a hurry and wants quick results, and that no useful feedback is given. Shame, really. But anyway, David, these are minor issues in general. You should know that once you reach this level of nitpicking over details, you have a solid product...
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    BionicTurtle Review

    David, to save you thousands of dollars of up-front investment, you could automatically send an e-mail to people who freshly signed up (Paid) to this website after an x amount of days of usage/downloads. State that you would like to improve the website and it would be great if they could offer...
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    Can someone explain what is negative duration ?

    1: not the answer to your question: Personally, I would think this has to do with having a short position in a bond or having a long floating rate bond. If you short sell a bond, the other person's gain is your loss. So if he has a duration of 2.5 years, if interest rates fall, the price of the...