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  1. sun.nitins

    Where is the location of Nov 2020 FRM exam in Sydney? GARP profile does not show the information.

    Hi, Can someone please share if the selection of Pearson VUE exam location in a certain city is administered by GARP or is it the candidate who will have to select the exam site? I recently enrolled for Nov 2020 FRM part 1 exam in Sydney, Australia, but there is no option on GARP profile page...
  2. sun.nitins

    Do we need to remember formulas or will they be provided with questions?

    Good day, Hope you all are doing well.. It may have been answered in past, but asking again.. In FRM part 1 exam, do we need to remember all math formulas and equations or are they provided in the questions? Asking because I know of some exams like (TOGAF for enterprise s/w architecture) which...