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  1. J

    FRM L2 Feedback

    I'm just done with the exam in Singapore. Can't reveal much since there are other candidates who have yet to take the exam. But to sum it up, I thought it was a hell paper..
  2. J

    CDS vs TRS vs CLN

    Hi David, I've got a short question on the above mentioned. Am I correct to say that the CDS is an unfunded protection due to only contingent payoffs? And TRS would be partially funded and lastly CLN is funded. Thanks and regards, jk
  3. J

    How to view daily questions using the new website interface?

    Dear David, In the previous interface that you had, I could get the daily questions by just clicking forum and it will show in a panel on the top left. However, it seems that with the introduction of the new interface, it is gone... How can I navigate to your daily questions? Thanks!
  4. J

    Testable Concepts for 2011 L2 FRM Exams

    Dear david, I just printed the free GARP FRM level 2 materials today and unexpectedly found the dense of thickness of the core readings. My question is: how should a candidate focus on the materials to study for the exams? is it necessary to view all of them? given the mostly qualitative...
  5. J

    N(d1) & delta

    Hi, Can anyone help me connect the idea that N(d1) is also delta? Thanks a bunch! jk
  6. J

    Fat Tails vs Skinny Tails vs Everything in b/w

    Hi guys, I have some burning questions about the subject mentioned above. Firstly, is a normal distribution with kurtosis of 3 considered a skinny or normal tailed distribution? How can i also visualize leptokurtosis as being fat tailed? As df increases or decreases beyond the normal...
  7. J

    Bond Duration Questions

    Hi guys, I've noticed Valuation Notes under page 70/146. DV01 = Mac Duration * Price / 10000. Should this read as DV01 = Mac Duration * Price / 10000 (1+y/k) as per the article: http://www.bionicturtle.com/how-to/article/dv01-market/ Another doubt i have would be when asked to...
  8. J

    Absolute vs Relative VaR

    Hi guys, I wanna ask a simple question regarding VaR. Relative VaR$ = Portfolio value * (volatility * normal deviate) Absolute VaR$ = Portfolio value * (-E(R) + volatility * normal deviate) From what i think i understood, the relative VaR is loss expected to final wealth. Does this imply...
  9. J

    Supplementary / Beginner Maths Book for FRM

    Hi there, I would like to know if there are any supplementary or beginner's guide to refresh maths for someone who hasnt been studying for 2 yrs before diving into the FRM materials. For instance, the logarithms, differentiation etc. Are there any good books without professor language so i...