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    Expected geometric return?

    Hi David, Nicole, I was looking for a spreadsheet which demonstrated estimating future n-period geometric return, given E(r) and sd. I'm fairly certain I've seen this. It calculated geometric mean for n-periods with the specification: ((1+g)^2)^(n/2) = (E(r)^2 - sd^2)^(n/2) I was curious if...
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    FAQ Before Exam Focus Review Videos

    Hi, can someone clarify what these are (a feature of the Professional level subscription) and where they can be found? Thanks.
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    FAQ Exam Syllabus turnover between May and November

    Hi Nicole, David, I'd initially planned to take the FRM in May 2019. Turns out, we might be in the middle of a major move just prior to that, and May 2019 may not be very safe. So I decided to punt the exam to November 2019. My question is - will the exam syllabus (AIMS? Topics?) change...
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    A question about Structured Monte Carlo and Worst Case Scenario's testability

    Hi David, Can you shed some light on how GARP may test SMC and WCS analysis in the FRM/L1? I'm having a hard time imagining how these concepts could be tested in a multiple choice exam. Also, if you can direct me to practice questions or other forum threads re: this topic, that would be...