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  1. brian.field

    Soft copy

    Hi everyone - long time. Potentially weird request here. I already have the FRM and I own the hard copies of the 2015 GARP exam books - I purchased them when I was preparing for the exams. Anyone know where I can find soft copies? Thanks, Brian
  2. brian.field

    Hello Everyone

    I miss the forum! Keep your focus and you will reach your goals! You can do it! Best, Brian
  3. brian.field

    Costs of Funds - US Banks

    @David Harper CFA FRM and friends, I am curious as to whether anyone here has any experience with ALM, specifically as it relates to retail banking mortgage businesses. I am curious a to whether anyone could provide some thoughts on methodologies related to FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing), TLP...
  4. brian.field

    The simplist proof of PCP I've seen.

    Max(S,K) = S + max(0, K-S) = K + max(o, S-K) = S + P = K + C
  5. brian.field

    The Run Begins Deutche Bank

  6. brian.field

    US Fed Stress Tests Illegal?

    http://www.cisionpoint.com/Detail/NewsItem.cp/17068578640 American Banker Fed's Stress Tests Are Illegal, Industry Group Claims Byline: John Heltman
  7. brian.field

    Compensation Survey

    I was thinking that compensation information would be valuable information to know for folks. Obviously, the amounts will differ by location, experience level, degrees earned, etc., but I still think that this information could be very valuable for BT members. @David Harper CFA FRM - have you...
  8. brian.field

    How long does certification take?

    If anyone could share their knowledge on how long it takes to receive FRM certification after submitting work experience, please share it here for others. Date Work Experience Submitted: 06-28-16 Date Certified FRM by GARP: 07-13-16 # days to certify: 16 days CONFIRMED - BRIAN FIELD, FRM
  9. brian.field

    Recent development in SocGen Case

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/08/business/dealbook/french-bank-is-ordered-to-pay-trader-who-almost-ruined-it.html?smid=li-share&_r=0 Looks like Soc Gen knew about his trades the whole time - and just a few days ago, they were ordered to pay him the bonus he earned as a result of his rogue...
  10. brian.field

    Economist: A Personal View of the Crisis, Confessions of a Risk Manager

    Here is the article Meissner mentions in Chapter 1. http://www.economist.com/node/11897037
  11. brian.field


    @David Harper CFA FRM and @Nicole Manley I think you should add a section for "Suggestions" to make the site better..... Maybe you have one - my eyes and brain are dead right now.... So, I'll leave a suggestion here. For some reason, I am unable to search for questions in the search bar...
  12. brian.field

    Securitization Post Credit Crunch

    I am at such a loss right now - this is absolutely incredible. I am posting it here to ensure that everyone takes a moment, perhaps another moment, to let it sink in. This is from Choudry's Securitization Chapter.
  13. brian.field

    Slipping Standards in Subprime Lending - Crouhy

    See Crouhy's Box 17-4 in his Chapter 9 of Essentials of Risk Management. While I agree with the statement in this highlighted box, I feel it is critical that everyone understand another aspect that Crouhy's entirely ignores here. It is very easy to simply blame the credit crisis on "greed"...
  14. brian.field

    Wrong Way Risk - Gregory

    Finally made it through Gregory's Wrong Way Risk chapter.....took me too long to admit. Then, once I made it to the final few pages, I was astounded. I worked in CDOs for many years and have never seen such an eloquent explanation of CDO failures. Gregory's explanation is superb. Moreover...
  15. brian.field

    Downgrade Risk versus Default Risk

    Gregory treats Default Risk as separate and distinct from Downgrade risk. This seems appropriate for higher rated bonds. However, if CCC is the lowest rating, i.e., with no rating below CCC except for Default, it seems that the Default Risk should equal the Downgrade Risk - this is not the...
  16. brian.field

    Maturity and Exposure

    Gregory seems a bit inconsistent with respect to whether maturity effects exposure. Clearly, the longer the term of the agreement, i.e., the more distant the maturity, the greater the future uncertainty. Also, the greater the root(t) term, so it must affect exposure. He states above formula...
  17. brian.field

    Rehypothecation Risk

    I may be mistaken here, but this is truly surprising to me. Based on what I have read of the Part II material, it seems that the following scenario is possible. Party A and Party B enter into a bilateral agreement. Party A posts collateral to Party B and A maintains economic ownership of the...
  18. brian.field

    Failure to deliver CDS physical settlement

    @David Harper CFA FRM Is failure to deliver on a swap of any kind a formal default event in that it could force a company into bankruptcy? I am thinking of a company that mistakenly entered into a CDS with physical delivery in a reference asset for which one company owns the entire issuance...
  19. brian.field

    Statistical Pattern Recognition - Jain, Duin, and Mao

    As soon as de Servigny mentioned this reference in his opening remarks, I had to find it. Here it is for others that may have an interest in a review of Statistical Pattern Recognition and Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. Best, Brian
  20. brian.field

    BASEL II - Internationally Active Banks

    Anyone have any thoughts on precisely what "internationally active" means? I doubt it means any bank within which you can exchange dollars for yen, for example. (I also doubt that it necessarily includes any bank that hedges its currency exposure for just such transactions.) Just curious....