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    Credit Risk Focus Review Video (1 of 2)

    Hi David, I saw you updated the Credit Risk Focus Review Videos. The new videos are great but can you still shared the old ones that you just removed? I found the sections, on the old video where you talked about default correlations, are helpful. You also put the past practice questions on...
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    Part2 Book 2 Operational Risk and Resiliency Page 312

    Hi David, Would you recommend memorizing the two formulas in the circle (found in the attached), please? Thank you David as always
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    FRM Part 2 Book 3 Operational Risk and Resiliency Page 307 Example 19.2

    Hi David, Could you show where do the percentages, applied to the swap nationals of different maturities, come from, please? And how are the nationals calculated as well? shouldn't be 100millions for all three swaps? Thanks David as always
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    End of Chapter Exercise for FRM Part 2 textbooks

    Hi David and Nichole, There are exercise questions for each chapter in FRM part 1 textbooks. Why I do not see any exercises for the chapters in the FRM part 2 textbooks? Do GARP sell these exercises separately for part 2, please? Thanks as always Yao