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  1. S666

    Thoughts on Part 1 this morning....?

    So I just sat the part 1 exam this morning and found it to be an immensely passable exam…even relatively easy dare I say. After reading comments on here and Analyst Forum message boards, I was expecting an absolute beast of an exam….and to come out feeling horrendous. Quite the opposite….I...
  2. S666

    Not authorised to post/reply in this thread...

    Hi there, I keep seeing a "you are not authorised to reply/post in this thread" when I visits certain random threads....I've noticed it mainly in the threads corresponding to certain practice question PDFS links. Do you know why this may be and how I can fix this issue? Many thanks.
  3. S666

    Required to differentiate/integrate equations in the exam?

    I was just wondering if we would be required to differentiate/integrate equations in the FRM exam (particularly part 1). I vaguely remember the basics from my university days but that was 16 years ago and most of the rules have slipped from memory. I see it used in the BT practice questions...
  4. S666

    Are GARP practice exams representative of actual exam?

    I have come across some posts online that suggest the GARP practice exam questions may not be all that representative of the level of difficulty of the real exam questions - with the practice questions being seen as easier. Could anyone shed any light as to whether this is true or not? I am...